For decades, our highly innovative industrial solutions have provided customized marking workflows in nearly every industry.

Our tailor-made concepts and perfect engineering support an all-round optimised business process – from labelling machines and printers to the latest laser technologies and specially developed software.

Quality assurance, cost reduction and lifelong B2B support are what set us apart. By means of cross-industry know-how, we uncover labelling and optimisation possibilities: practically oriented and always tailored to the customer.

And of course including all necessary communication modules for implementation in your PPS (production planning and control) and BDE (production data acquisition).

To this end, we develop all-round custom-fit solutions – as unique as the industrial companies we support in the long term.

Our industrial solutions create the potential for perfection and significant competitive advantage. We offer you:

  • a comprehensive special machine programme of semi-automatic or fully automatic labelling machines;
  • innovative solutions for error identification and troubleshooting;
  • high quality complete solutions of laser security coding for complete traceability and clean production chains.

We look forward to every challenge – and to hearing from you!

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