Whether it’s a perfectly configurable bottle labeller, a universal labeller for flexible packaging, materials and shapes – or the highly technical universal multi-talent with specially designed software: with our practical labelling solutions, we provide you with everything you need for individual labelling in your direct sales.

Go ahead and put a smile on the label of your products. We will advise you on the optimal options for your exact direct marketing needs.

RePro 2

We look forward to your enquiry and will be happy to advise you on all the possibilities offered by the RePro 2 labelling system.

The perfect bottle labeller

A semi-automatic labelling machine for wrap-around labelling of bottles and cylindrical objects.
High-precision, robust synchronous motors serve as drives for the rewind adapter as well as for the label take-off.
With the special plastic rollers, this is the prerequisite for optimised, crease-free labelling.

  • Front labelling

  • Front and back labelling in one operation – exactly in symmetry

  • subsequent, symmetrical application of a further label

A labelling machine specially designed to meet your needs!

Each product has its own packaging, each package has a specific format, which requires a specific and suitable label.
With the special labeler from semket you can apply individual labels to different products.

  • Cylindrical, cubic, flat products made of glass or plastic can be
    device can be labelled.

  • Type selection possible directly at the printer – PC not required

  • The label can be easily and accurately applied to the product

  • Side and top labelling or side and bottom labelling all in one

Special labeller

We look forward to hearing from you at any time!

The universal labelling machine

The AG 14 labels your product quickly and reliably – on top, at the bottom, on the side, all around or around corners.

  • Left or right version

  • Label length variable from min. 5 mm

  • Auto-Learn operation for automatic label reading

  • Different label application systems, e.g. labelling at standstill with suction stamp or blow head, customer and application-specific solutions

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